MyCompass provides integrated support for schools in guiding students to achieve their future.

Dedicated students are motivated learners

Helping students recognise their potential and strengths, and develop plans to achieve their goals has a proven positive impact on academic achievement, classroom participation, and career success. Motivated students also drive stronger school performance and build stronger communities.

200+ schools have entrusted MyCompass to guide students with the following benefits:

Easy to use

Helps students make holistic decisions related to future student planning


Monitor student progress anywhere, anytime

Efficient and effective

Relieve the administrative process and help the student counselling process

Meaningful student counselling

Enables strategic, comprehensive, and more meaningful counselling


Extensive and accurate resources on universities, their programs and courses, careers and professions


Integrated student information and data stored on one page


Adaptive lecture and career guide

MyCompass provides students with critical tools to prepare for courses, careers and the future with proven pedagogy. Complete with check lists and reminder features to guide to students to be more strategic in planning for college.

Latest information and guides

Each student is different with their own unique potential. The MyCompass database comprises thousands of database majors, lectures, careers, colleges, and scholarships to help students navigate and prepare for the path that is right for them.

Integrated data

Through the Student Analysis Dashboard, MyCompass facilitates schools and institutions in monitoring and guiding the development of the academic goals input by each student. Compare the performance and aspirations of each student, per class or per batch, as well as features to track your school’s alumni after graduation.

Get to know your students

The MyCompass platform helps teachers and schools guide students towards academic success and in planning for college and future careers. Using a series of scientifically proven modules, teachers get a holistic profile of individual students, including the six student dimensions – interests, self-preference, values, personality, learning style and capability – and the core skills needed for today’s modern workforce.

Helping students in preparing and achieving their goals

Using MyCompass, schools and institutions can provide students guidance on designing personalised plans, using real data on their interests, potentials and strengths, to enable them to make the best decisions about their education and professional careers.

Monitor your student’s development

Get detailed information on a variety of student dimensions, their future aspirations and academic progress over time via the Student Analysis Dashboard. This dashboard is comprehensive, integrated and easy to use by school administrators, teachers and parents.