What is MyCompass?

MyCompass is a college and career preparation platform, supported by People Science Technology©, to help students design, navigate and prepare for their future.

Developed using the latest scientific research, MyCompass measures the six dimensions of student profiles – interests, self-preference, values, personality, learning style and capability – to provide recommendations for integrated, continuous and comprehensive courses and career planning.

Interest module

Identify your interests. Recognise the activities, abilities, topics and professions you find interesting.

Capability module

Choose the right courses based on your abilities. Find out 6 dimensions of your abilities through this module.

Explore Courses, Profession
and University Campus

Explore hundreds of courses and professions offered as well as hundreds of universities to suit your academic criteria.

Personality module

Recognise your personality. Learn how you process information, make decisions, recharge, and deal with your surroundings and various situations.

Learning style

Understanding your learning style will help you learn more effectively. Discover the learning style most suited to you as you complete the interest and ability modules.

Personal values

Align your course and career path with what’s most important to you by identifying your values.

MyCompass background

Planning for the future, knowing your options and determining your college and career path can be a challenging process. Each individual is unique and has different competencies. Using real data and scientific methodology, MyCompass guides students in discovering and achieving their full potential by helping them understand their strengths and development opportunities.

In turn, students are more empowered and better able to achieve success in their academic and professional careers, and ultimately realise their vision for the future.

Adaptive planning for college and careers powered and supported by technology

MyCompass is a comprehensive, accurate and user-friendly college and career preparation platform. Supported by People Science Technology©, MyCompass is based on the latest breakthrough research in psychology, education, and data analytics as well as studies of more than 140,000 student profiles over a two-year period. It provides the most comprehensive and accurate view of each individual’s student profile to assist with college and career preparation.

MyCompass’ team of psychology, data analytics research and technology experts collaborate with leading psychometric researchers, counsellors, education practitioners and HR professionals to develop this revolutionary and robust platform using real-world data and machine learning technology.

The MyCompass platform has proven success in enabling students to achieve their potential by revolutionising the way they plan for college, their career and the future.