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Self-identification assessment

Recognise yourself from your personality, interests, learning styles, abilities, to the value of your life through 5 MyCompass psychological assessments.

Recommended courses and professions

You can explore thousands of college majors and professions equipped with a level of compatibility with you as well as the experience story of the past students who took the majors.

Online lecture and career guidance

MyCompass has set up practical steps that make it easier for you to prepare for the course throughout the year so you can succeed in the future.

MyCompass Features

Know yourself

Discover your interests, potentials, and uniqueness through 5 self-assessments

Career and profession information

Know the career and professional trends most relevant to your areas of interest

Overall report

Get a report about you instantly and easily, and use it to improve the quality of discussions with your teachers and parents

Recommended courses

Get your college and profession recommendations

Real-world insights

Get insight into various professions by reading real-world experiences from students and practitioners in the field

Online lecture & career guide

Prepare for success using our comprehensive lecture and career guide

Course and campus information

The most comprehensive and up-to-date resources on college and university courses

Ask MyCompass

Live discussions with experienced mentors about college life and what to expect

Insightful articles

Broaden your knowledge and perspective about career options with insightful and inspirational articles

The most accurate and thorough individual profile report

Discover and achieve your full potential. Get a personalised 41-page report of your interests, preferences, values, personality, learning style and capability along with recommendations for courses, professions and career paths that suit you.