Top 5 Misconceptions About Life as a University Student.

Breaking the taboos of most student and general public conception of misconception where the future is bounded by unwritten rules. Oppose to most people beliefs, here are the top 5 misconceptions that we often here from people regarding studying in higher institutes.

  1. You will never get a job unless you choose a good degree:

I believe we should all do what we want to do and feel we have the ability to do. After some hard work, determination and a positive outlook, I cannot see why an industry wouldn’t want you. The key is to be on the lookout for opportunities to develop your employability skills and grow in your career from your very first year at university.

  1. You need to be rich to study at university:

Only the rich kids go to university and college in the movies, so I won’t be able to afford it.’ Wrong! There are many government and university-funded initiatives that can help you with the costs of study. Wrong! You also have the option to study part-time, which gives you more flexibility in your work life to manage a regular income and still be working toward your degree modes.

  1. You need to have extremely good grades to get into university:

Sometimes we just can’t manage to achieve good grades we need, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into university. There are actually other avenues to university available to those who want to study.

  1. University is a massive party every single day:

There are definitely perks to university life, especially the fact that you don’t have to always follow a strict routine. You will got 8 subject in  1 semester it mean maybe u will stuck 40 hours just for study or 3 assignment for 1 week . But being organised is definitely a skill you will need.

  1. A job is a disadvantage to study:

Take on a job based on what you think you can handle. I found working approximately 10 hours a week was reasonable with my other commitments, but try not to bite off more than you can chew.