5 Tips before Signing In to the University You Must Know

Enrolling into a University and making sure you secure the seat for your future is vital. These are 5 tips to help you to prepare before applying to understand the course you are taking would fit into your area of interest and capability.

Identify direction after graduation

  • The first thing to be stressed is the direction after graduation. If you want to continue your studies to the next level, you are required to know which courses are eligible to apply based on qualification. So it does not conflict with your interests later. Most worried if the offered courses are now not acceptable to connect to the courses that are interested in the next level of education

Review the structure of the program of study

  • Many have overlooked this. It’s too excited to go to the ivory tower so forget to take note of the thinnest offers and will be studied later

Check for co-curricular activities that can be included

  • Each university will require students to take one of their co-curricular activities. It is mandatory to be taken and is one of the conditions that must be fulfilled before it is eligible to be awarded graduation. So, those who have previously been lazy to

participate in co-curricular activities in schools such as sports, associations, clubs and so on, do not abstain from being involved in co-curriculum activities at the IPT level. Co-curriculum involvement is compulsory and has a scoring rating.

Education Financing

  • The majority of us are not born with gold and diamond gems, so to continue our studies we need funding either scholarships or at least education loans such as PTPTN. Therefore, please take note of what scholarships are offered and are eligible to apply in addition to education loans if the scholarship fails.

Environment & Facilities in the vicinity and in IPT

  • This next tip is important because the environment and atmosphere of the IPT will slightly affect your learning mood. The location of IPT in urban or rural areas will both challenge you.

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