5 Fun Mathematic Apps on Android To Keep Your Brain Juice Flowing

Mathematics can be boring and hard but here are fun apps for you to keep up with numbers and get your calculation more sharp when it comes to counting. The best of all, they are all free to download!

1. Calculator: The Game

This game challenges you with few numbers and creative ways to get that exact number on the calculator within limited move! It’s mind challenging and totaly fun, and cute too!

Address Link: Google Play


2. Math Riddles

This game really test your IQ and thinking out of the box how to match the right answer. This is tougher than xpected and best to try play it with your friends and getting your brains cracked.

Address Link: Google Play


3. Hard Math Game

You read it right, this is tough to crack. There is 3 modes from easy, medium and hard. Starting from easy and escalates harder. Easy mode lets you answer it at a relaxed pace while hard mode would test your wits and speed gettig the answers right. 120 levels for you to crack, are you game?

App Link: Google Store


4. Math Tricks Workout

An excelent app to help speeding up your mathematical operation. Beat the time and get your brains quenching. It’s hard at first but once you’re getting the pace, you are going to be solving it way faster than you can imagine.

App Link: Google Store


5. Math theory

Perfect for learning student. It is definitey beneficial for students who wants to learn basic and complex maths equation. It even explain the breakdown and mathematical topics needed for learning.

App link: Google Play