The Signs Of Negative Aura At Home That Makes You Sick

While we live in a household with other people, we often have to tolerate each other.  Many don’t realize that being around in a home filled with negative vibes can make you physically sick from the invisible mental stress.  Many also do not realize that they are living in a stressful household. As it turns out, it certainly is possible to fall sick from it.

Research shows that negative emotions and thoughts may also have connections to other serious health problems such as heart disease and anxiety. “Many negative emotions such as anger, fear, and frustration become problematic when those emotions turn into a more permanent disposition or a habitual outlook on the world,” explains Emiliana Simon-Thomas, PhD, science director of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley.

Here are some ways you are dealing with negative vibes at home and how to counter them.

1. A decline in relationship with people at home.

Relationship with the people we live with can turn sour with the lack of communication and tolerance. Someone might not know you’re actually busy working at home despite looking free-and-easy, thus throwing responsibility with chores leading to more imbalance workload and feeling unfair. In results, people living in the household gradually refuse to take responsibility for what you say or do to the people who live with you. You may be inclined toward blame-shifting, guilt-tripping, or tantrum-throwing.

One of the best ways to avoid stretching the tense between each other is through healthy communication. Speak to each other in a non-aggressive manner, make sure you’re both calm down. Try not to discuss when the surrounding is still very much in the heat. Take a moment and discuss lightly. Best to prepare what to say and also listen to the other party if something is bothering them as well.

2. Frequent mood swings

Moods are often triggered by surrounding, let it be happy or gloomy. If you easily switch from being motivated to down by little things or people such as tearing a paper the wrong way or someone gave a piece of advice, it shows how much you have bottled up your feelings and not addressing your mind the healthy way. Feeling on edge or wound up and holding your breath are signs of emotional or mental strain.

By this time you feel either tired of facing too much burden and newer problems driving you to ignore mostly everything that is in your way or looking forward to. In this case, it makes you feel highly emotional to a point it makes leaving you lethargic and unmotivated to carry on important tasks. Even worse, it keeps you in a bad mood that might lead to anxiety and hypertension. Stress causes on your muscles tense reflexively resulting in physical pain when you are in an uptight. Chronic pain is also linked to a decrease in positive thinking and a risk of depression.

Meditating or praying, taking a shower when you feel down and practising breathwork are some of the calming rituals that can help ease tension and shift your energy toward a more positive direction. Try exercising and stretching out as release oxytocin to elevate your mood as well keeps your body healthy while it relaxes your muscles. If you start to feel depressed, try to talk it out to someone. If you do not feel confident telling someone you know, get some help by calling Befrienders or seek professional or mental health specialist.

3. Your schedule and task are all over the place

The combination of stress at home and work makes our head even messier. The schedule is getting hectic and often mixup between house chores and work that ends with procrastination. When all the work piles up at the end of the day, you tend to do the work in the night when it is supposed to spend time to rest and spent with loved ones. Unresolved tasks make you fidgety and cause anxiety making harder for your mind to rest at ease.

Prioritizing your health and wellbeing is a must. Communing with nature, making time for exercise, and treat yourself to things you love to do to decompress. Recognize the difference between being dedicated in a  productive way and being a workaholic. Make a schedule and timetable for your work at home, try to follow the schedule as close as possible and throw any distractions away.

4. Cluttering and messy environment

A place with a disorganized and derange environment often leaves sore eyes and mind. As the negative energy builds up in yourself, we tend to stop trying to keep things together which includes things in our home. A messy place not only collects dust and invites vermins, but it also leaves an impression that what around is you not important.

Declutter and keep your house clean,  spend some time daily and keep things back at their own spaces. You can create a designated space or area for your belongings and label it so you could remember it better

Keep the curtains and windows open in good weather to let fresh air and sunlight in, it is important to always have good ventilation to remove odour and feels less trapped in. Mop your floor and put on some scented candles, having a nice scent to your surrounding can levitate your mood and leaves your mind much peaceful manner.

When you are feeling low and having this negative energy phase in your life, know that it is high time to change your perspective and pluck out the negativity. Remember to talk to someone as loneliness and isolating yourself can make things worse.