Study Hacks To Improve Your Memory by Dr. Amalina Bakri

Who wouldn’t know the infamous brilliant doctor that has made Malaysia so proud with her achievements! From getting 17A1’s in her SPM and saving precious 9 months old baby Ainul suffering horribly from germ-cell tumour in her mouth. Dr. Amalina has been an inspiration and an idol to many youths and here are some tips to achieve like her!

1. Create Your Own Goals

Make some of your own goals depending on your capability. Everyday set small goals that are not too hard to be done. Its safer to start small rather than too ambitious to the extend it might tire your mind! Don’t forget to treat yourself when ou achieve it!

2. Plan your Timetable

Making a timetable helps you to stay on track with your classes or examination dates. It can be changed according to needs but just make sure to be disciplined and follow them as planned!

3. Choose A Good Mentor
Having a mentor is good to help you out by advising and monitoring your progress. Make sure to have someone to check up on if you tend to slack out and motivates you to excel!

4. Study Group
Having friends around are better as sharing knowledge and helping out each other is much more efficient. Having a quiz and making silly dares to the loser will definitely spice up the ambient!

5. Teach Other People

When we teach others, we tend to check and also remind ourself of the certain topic. It also helps to test your knowledge and the understanding the topic.

6. Make notes and mindmaps.

Make the environment much more exciting by drawing mind maps. Making it colourful and easy to see will make the image embeded in your mind more. Making notes and posting around your room would also help you to remember.

7. Taking A Break!

Take a good rest in between study time! Take an hour break between 3 hours of studying, or do something a little bit fun in between. It is important the mind gets a little rest for awhile before it start to get exhausted.

8. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
Making sure to take care of your health as it is the most important thing to your life. Get good exercises, drink plenty of water, eat healthy and balanced food. It would help you to feel less slugish and more motivated in the end of the day!

9. Practice Makes Perfect

Practice, practice and more practice. Theres nothing more quicker way to excel than reminding yoruself practically by doing the same thing over and over again. Now theres an app on your smartphones, which is easier for you to study on the go!