Street Smart VS Book Smart. Which Are You?

There are usually 2 type of people, those who are street-smart and book-smart. You can tell a lot if the person is either of those two categories just by observing how they handle critical matters depending on how they solve them.

There is, of course, pros and cons to both but it doesn’t mean one is better than the other. It simply just shows how a person manages their daily task that matches their interest and learning capability.


How does one be a book or street smart?

No one is born street or book smart, a person is more likely inclined to either depending on their surrounding environment and upbringing. As a person ages, they discover more of what they like and slowly progress to either of those two categories.

Street-smart people are good in making assumptions and judgement about a person based on facial expressions, posture or the tone of voice. They tend to be able to improvise better in situations where it is needed and are good in conversation interpreting social cues while figuring things out by experiencing them, rather than reading about them in a book or being given instructions,

On the other hand, book-smart people often to excel in education with flying colours and thrives in an environment where they are learning from a tutor or reading material. Although they often struggle in real-life interactions or problem-solving situations, they are much better in handling information and complex reading including finishing a task that is told verbally or by text.


Traits of The Smarty Pants

Street Smart

  • Easily learns from practical application
  • Good in finding non-conventional solution and approach
  • Prefer using skill and experience
  • Pushing boundaries to achieve the goal
  • Takes risk into handling matters
  • More creative and flexible in their answers
  • Hardly focus on academic and text materials
  • High situational awareness and judgement

Book Smart

  • Easily learns from reading and conferences
  • Good in remembering vital information word by word
  • Prefer using knowledge and wisdom learnt
  • Great in researching information to achieve the goal
  • Following the rules, while handling matters
  • Much more determine and solid on their stand
  • Trouble applying skills that require critical thinking
  • High focusing/attention span and information processing

Is it possible to be both?

Yes although it is a rare hybrid to be both street smart and book smart, it shows that person a very wise and open-minded person. These kind of people are willing to go further also take higher risk in learning and experience things in life. It is even better to have a  street smart thinking accompanied by a book smart approach. All you need to do to be both is by practice and be involved more in that said field.