Education Ministry Launches CikgooTUBE For Teaching and Learning

(Third from left) Education director-general Datuk Dr Amin Senin says Cikgootube will be a turning point in the country’s education system. With him is the ministry’s resources and technology division (Bahagian Sumber dan Teknologi Pendidikan) director Shafruddin Ali Hussi (second from left).

Triggered by the need to solve the problem of students’ disinterest to learn in the conventional classroom, the Ministry of Education (MOE) recently launched CikgooTUBE, a team comprising 500 teachers who create their own YouTube content to facilitate teaching and learning in school.

MOE’s Bahagian Sumber dan Teknologi Pendidikan (BSTP) Resource and Education Technology Division director Shafruddin Ali Hussin said that in line with the trends, teachers in CikgooTUBE are required to upload updated and upgraded teaching and learning videos unlike those currently in MOE’s EduWebTV channel.

“At the moment, the videos in the EduWebTV channel are ‘outdated’ in the sense that they are old and incompatible with the new curriculum.

“Teachers who join CikgooTUBE are expected to share knowledge and know-how on a wide range of subjects as well as upload videos on a fixed basis so that the pool of content can grow exponentially,” Shafruddin added.

He said this during the Segmen Kafe Cikgu, an informal talk session between himself, MOE director-general Datuk Dr Amin Senin and a CikgooTUBE trainer Romizal Amir Rosdi at the launch.

Amin said that the ministry is encouraging teachers to create their own YouTube content to ensure students do not miss out on education.

“It is timely that teachers are creating their own YouTube content for teaching and learning in the classroom now. I feel that they are changing the landscape of education in Malaysia by doing so.

“The root of the matter is that teachers need to ensure their students go through the learning process no matter what. As it is widely understood that students are more interested in watching YouTube videos, this is one way of ensuring that students learn the subjects,” he added.

Romizal who teaches technical drawing and mathematics at SMK Sultan Abdullah, Chenderong Balai, Perak and also one of 35 pioneer teachers in YouTube video content creation in Malaysia said he did the videos so that students who do not understand his lesson in the classroom can review it again later.

“Those who are absent can also view the lesson and not be left out,” said Romizal who is known as Cikgu Romie on his YouTube channel and uses a green screen to record his lessons in the classroom.

“It may take a bit of time to set up all my equipment, but once that is done, it is very simple to record the lesson and upload it.

“By watching the uploaded videos, teachers can also do a self-reflection on their lessons,” he added.

Cikgu Romie currently has two YouTube channels with over 2,000 videos under each.

Shafruddin said: “We aim to have around 10,000 teachers under CikgooTUBE in the future. They will be categorised according to subjects, levels and so on.

“The only issue we have at the moment is on copyright. We hope to sort that out soon and get the teachers’ permission to use their videos in our EduWebTV channel.”

At the launch, 200 teachers gathered to learn more about content creation for YouTube through sessions such as YouTube @ EduwebTV, Teacher Content Creator and the ‘CikgooTUBE Pencetus PdPc Bestari’ (CikgooTUBE a catalyst for innovative teaching and learning) Forum. The event was organised BSTP.

Teachers who are interested to join the CikgooTUBE team can go to this link: