Employment Statistics Third Quarter 2019 in Malaysia


This publication presents the labour demand statistics based on the Quarterly Employment Survey conducted on formal private establishment encompassing major economic activities namely Agriculture, Mining & Quarrying, Manufacturing, Construction and Services. The principal statistics of employment presented in this report are jobs, filled jobs, vacancies and jobs created by economic activity and category of skill.

Labour Demand, Third Quarter 2019

Total jobs in the private sector increased by 121 thousand to 8,652 thousand in Q3 2019 as against the same quarter of the preceding year. Of this, the rate of filled jobs was 97.7 per cent with 8,449 thousand jobs while the rate of vacancies was 2.3 per cent (203 thousand job vacancies). A total of 28 thousand jobs were created during this quarter.

Labour Demand by Skill

Jobs in the skilled category went up by 42 thousand from Q3 2018 to record 2,117 thousand jobs in Q3 2019. A total of 97.5 per cent of the jobs are filled, translating into 2,065 thousand jobs. Meanwhile, the vacancies rate was 2.5 per cent (52 thousand job vacancies). There was a total of 10 thousand jobs created in skilled category during Q3 2019.

Semi-skilled category which was the largest share of labour demand, recorded 5,395 thousand jobs in Q3 2019, increased 83 thousand as againts the same quarter in the previous year. Filled jobs went up by 78 thousand from Q3 2018 to 5,286 thousand, posting the rate of filled jobs of 98.0 per cent. Job vacancies within the same period rose by 5 thousand to 108 thousand jobs, recording a rate of 2.0 per cent. This category registered the highest share of jobs created at 52.5 per cent with 15 thousand jobs created.

Jobs in the low-skilled category dropped by 3 thousand year-on-year to 1,140 thousand. The rate of filled jobs was 96.3 per cent while the vacancies rate was 3.7 per cent. A total of 3 thousand jobs created were in low-skilled category in Q3 2019.

Labour Demand by Economic Activity

Services sector sustained its position as the largest contributor of jobs and filled jobs with a percentage share of 51.7 per cent and 52.4 per cent respectively. This was followed by Manufacturing sector which recorded 26.4 per cent of jobs and 25.7 per cent of filled jobs.

On the other hand, vacancies was largely in the Manufacturing sector with a share of 55.7 per cent, followed by Services sector (20.3%). Agriculture sector recorded a share of 12.3 per cent followed by Construction sector (11.5%) and Mining & Quarrying sector (0.2%).

As for jobs created, 48.1 per cent were in Services sector followed by Manufacturing sector (21.2%) and Construction sector (18.6%).

Source: https://www.dosm.gov.my